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Fire Sprinkler Damage

California state regulations require buildings to have fire sprinklers without diminishing their utility in life-saving situations. It’s important that we address the potentially damaging effects caused by unexpected bursting sprinklers. A break in the water supply line can harm carpets, drywall, furniture, documents, floors, etc. Act quickly before it’s too late!

We can’t control accidents, but our trained specialists will clean up your fire sprinkler water damage affecting your property after an accidental discharge occurs. Be aware of what to do when things like this happen and count on Costa Mesa Water Damage first! Call our expertly trained professionals work hard to reduce potential damage and begin restoring your property today!

Do not ignore the harmful effects of fire sprinkler damage and risk ruining your property. You can have both services delivered to you within 30 minutes if you call Costa Mesa Water Damage at (949) 566-8206.

What you absolutely must NOT do:

• Wait too long before calling an expert
• Try to vacuum water using your household vacuum cleaner
• Turn on electronic devices of any kind in affected areas

Ignoring the harmful effects of unexpected fire sprinkler water damage will leave your property susceptible to mold and bacterial growth underneath floorboards and in the drywall, leaving you at risk of hazardous health risks.  Do not wait another second!

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In cases like this, remember that you have a reliable partner in Costa Mesa Water Damage. We are affordable, trustworthy and reliable and we will get the job done right the first time, every time.